Nigel Farage has had a difficult time over the last month. After resigning as leader of UKIP, he was banished from the House of Commons leaving him without a safe haven to seek refuge.

After being rejected by the House of Commons, Farage tried his luck with the Celebrity Big Brother House in a bid to remain as relevant as when George Galloway infinitely improved his reputation by impersonating a cat on the same show.

However, he couldn’t compete with the D-List line up which includes a string of ex-reality television stars, former Mr. Anthea Turner, Grant Bovey and James Whale … whoever he is.

“He isn’t really right for the show,” host Emma Willis claimed, “There were much more appealing people who deserve air-time, like that guy who used to be on Eastenders.”

After looking for a house to take him in, he turned to Hogwarts in a desperate attempt, where the sorting hat eventually agreed to place him into Huffelpuff.

The decision however to allow Farage into Hogwarts has been heavily criticised as he “does not deserve help” and assistance from the wizarding world it has been claimed by many critics.

Hogwarts have been contacted for a statement but are yet to comment on the situation.