Nigel Farage is hotly anticipated to replace himself as the new leader for the United Kingdom Independence Party following the fallout from the UK’s exit of the EU.

Mr Farage lead the party until the failure in the general election in 2015 and was subsequently replaced by the Rt Hon. Nigel Farage after a heated contest with himself.

Now, after Nige’s victory in physically moving the UK out of the reach of Brussels, he announced earlier this week, that he has achieved all that can be by a sexist and morally repugnant bigot. Speaking candidly to us, he said:

“I’ve accomplished the utmost in UK politics by utterly wrecking it for future generations to come. I love it. I’m off to live with Frau Farage in Dusseldorf. I couldn’t give a fuck about this place. Toodle pip!”

“I just hope my replacement (me) whoever he or she may be (me) will do as sterling a job and continue to push for total UK independence. Maybe we can deport all the Japanese cars or bring back the Crusades. That’s their decision”.

Bookies have already suspended bets on Farage taking over the mantle, as fresh and new blood and ideas are what’s definitely not needed for the party.