An emotional final speech from President Obama included a shock revelation about the Presidents true heritage, confirming suspicions previously raised by President-Elect Trump.

Before handing over the presidential reigns to the fair-headed Republican, Barack Obama delivered a heart-wrenching final speech on a cool, crisp morning outside the White House. After heaping praise on numerous advisors and family members that have been at his aid during his 8-year tenure, the much-loved US leader dropped a surprising bombshell to the large crowd of congregating journalists and White House colleagues.

Reverting to Swahili, Obama delivered the statement “Trump alikuwa sahihi. Mimi ni mtu wa Afrika’’, translating roughly to “Trump was right, I am African man’’.

The announcement was greeted by exasperated gasps from the crowd, with one Fox News reporter shouting: “God dam Muslims’’. Once the initial shock receded, Obama went on reveal further details of his upbringing, including his birth to two-Rwandan immigrant parents who had fled to Somali, his journey to the Americas on a cargo ship commandeered by pirates, and his following integration into American society culminating in him clinching the Presidential seat. He also paid credit to his successor Trump, calling him a “Clever, wise owl, who has a good nose for sniffing out the truth”.

Trump has yet to comment on the revelations, as he currently finalising negotiations to hand over leadership of all Trump enterprises to the Make a Wish Foundation for the duration of his Presidency.