The brilliance of Amazon perhaps lies more so in the sheer volume of trolling and humorous comments dating back to before internet culture was a mainstream thing. Genuinely one of the only commercially used places where you can easily find more than a dozen adults slating a ballpoint pen.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the pen:

Bic Crystal Ballpoint Pen, Medium Point, Black


First things first, this pen is a bonafide classic, like Coca-Cola classic. However, as the comments show us, much like Coca-Cola, this pen isn’t without its flaws.

One anonymous ‘Amazon Customer’ wrote:

received my pen last week, excited to give it a go, and was sadly disappointed when I realized that it only comes in the left handed model. Frankly, I was somewhat suspicious when I ordered it as I couldn’t believe how inexpensive it was. Well it just goes to show you that if a deal seems to good to be true, it probably is not a good deal. Next time, I’ll be more careful when ordering pens online.

For a comment in 2016 this is more classic humour. The kind of joke comment your dad would leave. In fact, you can imagine your dad or someone else’s dad chuckling to themselves as they perfectly troll the system, anonymously. Of course, this all may be the work of some truly elaborate millennial who gets a kick out of acting out of character.

That is not the only one of it’s kind, nor is it the best, that title falls to this pearler:

Having previously searched unsuccessfully for a product to help me direct attention to spherical objects I was relieved to stumble across this product. It is called a ball point pen and I must say that when it comes to pointing at balls, there is nothing to beat it. Well done Bic for keeping your promise.

Sometimes puns are fun, other times they are shit. This comment straddles the line. On one hand, it is a god awful joke, but it is also so bad that it might actually be funny. Bearing the context of a review, i.e. something meant to be helpful, in mind it is actually quite funny. Dissecting the word ballpoint into the two words of which it is comprised is an utter stroke of genius by this user. Playing on the meaning of the individual words ‘ball’ and ‘point’ this user cements his place in the upper echelons of Amazon’s review section.