According to the latest statistics, nine of ten Brits are unable to tell the difference between The Undateables and Celebs Go Dating.

With both shows appearing at similar times on Channel 4, viewers have been left “miffed” and “confused” by the shows’ almost identical content.

Barry Greaves, who claimed to be on the lookout for “new wanking material”, was left questioning his own intelligence after being completely baffled by what he was watching.

“I’m always on the hunt for new deposits to the wank bank,” he told BFNN earlier. “Anything with ‘celebs’ or ‘celebrity’ in the title is usually pretty good but not in this case, there were nothing but horrible cunts who I didn’t know on it so I just assumed it was The Undateables and that Sky had got the listings wrong.”

“I ended up referring to plan B for the rest of the night, watching recorded episodes of Naked Attraction.”

Serial first dater and self-proclaimed TV expert Norma Price believes the shows are almost impossible to differentiate.

“There’s two things in this world that I know about, TV and awkward dating,” she said during a chat with BFNN. “Those two shows are pretty much the exact same thing, you wouldn’t date any of them, they may as well just show a live feed of people looking at my Tinder profile.”

Channel 4 bosses have confirmed they are revising the format of both shows and hope to merge them into a new series called Celebrity Mingerz early next year,