The internet has been expressing its grief and outrage as more refugees DARE to attempt to flee from war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq.

Speaking to BFNN about his disgust, BBC Commenter and armchair migration expert David Walker said “I may not know much about politics or the real world, but I do know an outrage when I see it. Having to flee from ISIS destroying your home and killing your friends and family is no excuse for trying to claim refuge in a cleaner, less deadly country.”

Another chimer-inner on The Daily Mail’s website said: “My mate Jeff told me on Facebook that this immigrants have trouble written all over them. It’s a disgrace, if they can’t be arsed to wash the ink off of themselves before entering the country, how do I know they’re not terrorists?”

One of the refugees in question had this to say about the comments:

“The day before I left home I found bits of what used to be my next door neighbour in my garden, and later on I found his young daughter lying face down in a gutter. Sometime after that I boarded a boat for Europe which capsized, and I got to see a lot of people drowning. But fair enough, if Dave from Billericay says we can’t come, I guess we can’t come.”

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