Fresh from his dramatic walk-out on Sky News this week, lefty columnist Owen Jones caused further controversy this afternoon by storming out of his Sixth form common room.

Rumour has it that some of the bully boys in year 12 called him “a big nancy” and disagreed with some of the points he made on his ‘comment is free’ article on The Guardian website. He is then said to have ran into an empty geography classroom and refused to come out until everyone agreed that his opinions were correct.

“It’s typical of Owen” said headmistress Julia Hartley-Brewer “his heart’s in the right place but he does get upset easily, he always tries his best and generally gets good marks in sociology, drama and textiles – it’s just such a shame that he lets himself down with embarrassing episodes like this”

Jones took quickly to MySpace after the dramatic walk-out and wrote a long article about why he was right and everyone else was wrong. He has since removed Sky News from his ‘top 8’ friends.