Footage has emerged showing Labour Party leader candidate, Owen Smith, being refused foie gras on a first class British Airways flight.

Smith later explained the video was a publicity stunt to highlight the plight suffered by middle class passengers trying to live off the breadline while globally jet setting. It was in reaction to Corbyn’s failure to find a seat on a Virgin train with Smith wanting to seem every bit as grounded and “everyman” as sandal-wearing, bike-peddling scruffy rival.

“People think that just because you have money you’ve somehow made it”, said Smith in an exclusive interview. “Truth is though that even us millionaires sometimes get refused for the things we want. By disseminating this video, and the message it contains, I hope to become as connected and close to our disgusting electorate as I can be without physically having to fellate them”.

Reaction to the footage from the bourgeoisie has been fierce, with many wanting British Airways to answer for Mr Smith’s pain.

Level-headed, impartial newspricks, The Daily Mail have ran a petition to have luxury fattened duck on every flight, as well as bans on all foreign languages and Coast to be showed in place of every in-flight movie.