You’ll like this…not a lot, but you’ll like it“.

Those were the final words from acclaimed wizard, Paul Daniels, before disappearing deep into a large satin-lined coffin as he prepared for his most dangerous magic trick to date – attempting to break the record for the longest time spent in a box (not counting the 28 years he spent inside Debbie McGee’s)

Gathered around the 77 year old were his entire family, friends and the aforementioned long-time assistant McGee, as he was gently lowered into a six foot pit in the earth. After closing the heavy, wooden box his stage hands (also known as funeral staff) piled large mounds of mud and dirt on top to complete the prep for the stunt.

The record for such a trick was held previously by pathological attention seeker David Blaine who spent 7 days buried alive in a box before unfortunately surfacing unscathed. That was in 1999 and the record has remained untouched since until, 17 years later, ‘Gandaniels’ announced he would be attempting to out-magic the wily American.

And two weeks later, that is exactly what Paul has done. So far, almost 3 weeks have passed since the 1982 Magician of the Year went under and nothing is to suggest he will unearth any time soon. Whilst Blaine was spoiled with 3 tablespoons of water a day and a handy emergency call bell, Daniels has not received any kind of nourishment – with some describing the site of the trick “as quiet as a grave“.

We’re not exactly sure how long he’s going to be down there”, Daniels’ PR spokesperson told us. “We asked his doctor how long he could be expected to be in good health whilst underground and he was very positive on Paul’s staying power. In fact he used the word ‘terminal‘ to us“.