The aftermath of the England v Iceland game from Monday’s Euro match has left more than a sour taste in the British public’s mouths. After a 2-1 defeat by Iceland, many fans continue to hold Peter Andre and Iceland stores accountable for the humiliating loss.

And insider claims “It has been awful for Pete, he has received threatening tweets holding him responsible for England’s loss. Someone even told him to go back to Iceland where he belongs. He’s really upset.”

During an interview after the match, Roy Hodgson commented “whilst I have chosen to resign, really we should be blaming Peter. He has continually shown support for Iceland and this has had an effect on the entire team.”

Due to the backlash, Andre has been forced into hiding and is currently shunning social media, not having updated his Twitter in the last 72 hours. There has been no official word from Andre’s camp addressing the football loss.

– Stacey Ballard