Yesterday Prime Minister David Cameron announced the date for Britain’s IN/OUT referendum on Europe will be held on Thursday 23rd June 2016.

However many campaigners believe only two options of IN or OUT does not go far enough. There is now call for a third option of “Shake it all about” to be added to the voting ballot.

The online petition, which started on the website ePester, has already massed over 250k signatures and rising. The petition states:

Dear Mr Cameron,

We, the British public, believe in the right to choose our future in Europe and more options means more choice. This IN/OUT decision should be non-partisan it shouldn’t matter which side of the political scale a person sits on, left leg, right leg, it really doesn’t matter. What we ask for is the ability to throw our whole selves into this decision. It is for this reason we ask for a 3rd option on the ballot paper allowing people to choose “Shake it all about”. We hope that you would be able to do the right thing and turn around on this issue.

That’s what it’s all about!

Mr. H. Cokey

The petition has since been replicated on and can be found here:

Add 3rd option “Shake it all about” to the UKs EU referendum ballot

Which would you choose in the EU referendum, IN, OUT or SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT?