Notoriously unreliable internet service provider Plusnet have been attacked by a group of paedophiles who insist that downloading child porn is incredibly difficult, leaving one man in the situation where he possessed half-downloaded child pornography. 

Paedophiles are known to download their porn as opposed to streaming it, exiting the tab and feeling bad about themselves for twenty minutes afterwards. This apparently isn’t the first time paedophiles have been unable to download child pornography, something which Plusnet has pledged to fix in the future.

The paedophile liaison officer from Plusnet had this to say:

“We understand that people, especially paedophiles, rely heavily on downloading pornographic material and we are working towards making sure everyone, especially paedophiles, can download as much pornography as they want.”

A Leicester paedophile spoke of his distress while attempting to download sexually explicit pictures of children and the nightmare he faced, something he referred to as “entirely wounding” and has left him in the position where he doesn’t even think he likes kids anymore.