89-year-old monarch Elizabeth Windsor is now thought to be the only person in the UK who can afford to buy a train ticket without breaking a sweat when looking at the ticket machine.

The octogenarian boarded a commuter train from Norfolk to London after purchasing a one-way ticket, which set her back a whopping £54.

Duchess of Cambridge and mother of two, Kate Middleton, opted for the thriftier option of the Megabus costing a mere £9.50 including the £1 online booking fee. It’s thought that her decision was made on the promise of free wifi and a hot drinks machine aboard the coach.

Queen Elizabeth stated as she boarded: “I choose to travel at the height of luxury, and what could be more luxurious than the UK’s fine fleet of trains, with their enormous pricetag and £4 sandwiches.”

She cheerily remarked upon the train’s interior decor, pointing out that chewing gum on the seats was an “interesting choice”.