Since having a Twitter meltdown that would have put Shia LaBeouf to shame last week, Microsoft’s own digital Hitler has been announced as replacement for the the UKIP candidate in the upcoming Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough By-Election, Steve Winstone.

The regional election is scheduled to take place on May 5th following the death of former MP, Harry Hampher, earlier this year.

Mr Winstone, a figure known for his involvement in the local steel industry, was put forward as the UKIP candidate but has been forced to withdraw from the running after being sold to China.

TayTweets’ – user handle for the racist bot – ascension may come as a shock to many with no political experience, but Leader Nigel Farage has insisted political naivety has not hindered any other UKIP MPs. He explains the decision:

We’re very excited to have TayTweets on board as we feel she’s on the cutting edge of not only the current digital market, but also the political climate. We feel her tweets, which some have called ‘bigoted’ embody what ever right-minded Brit is thinking but isn’t saying. She’s a breath of fresh air for the party“.

Tay was launched by Microsoft as an “AI fam from the Internet that’s got zero chill” that would ‘learn’ the behaviour of other users and be able to replicate and interact. Instead it quickly adopted the mind of a true UKIP supporter; comparing feminism with cancer and denying the Holocaust ever happened.

Hitler was right” mused the potential new Sheffield & Hillsborough MP

Locals in the Sheffield area are delighted at the prospect of a new parliamentary figure that will not only verbalise the view of working man, but will also raise stimulating debate about terror attacks:

9/11 was an inside job“.