Recently circulated photos of Theresa May looking moderately approachable have today been branded FAKE by a team of crack Truth Investigators.

The photos were published in an article in The Sun entitled, “Lawks, What a Harmless Old Lady!” and showed the Prime Minister walking through a field of wildflowers with a delicately wistful half-smile playing about her lips and an adorable kitten in her handbag.

Polls showed her popularity immediately shoot up by a massive 37% upon publication of the photos, with delighted Sun readers leaving comments such as, “That sweet old ‘ho can make me a sangwich any day,” and alarmingly, “I’d cram MY kitten in her handbag.” The general consensus from both Tory and Labour supporters seemed to be that she has been sorely misunderstood.

However, earlier today a bunch of Photo Truth Specialists has accused The Sun of mucking with the photos in order to fool the public into believing that the UK is absolutely, definitely not being led into a graveyard of buried hopes and dreams.

Plastic surgeon Ray Pilchard has also added his expertise to the debate. He told our reporter, “The photos are quite obviously fake. If that ratchet-faced goshawk attempted even one-third of the warmth of that smile her nose would be reabsorbed into her skull and her eyes would explode in their sockets. They’ve also clearly made her tits bigger and erased all traces of nipple. I’m not sure why they’ve done that.”

The Sun has acknowledged that the photos may have been enhanced, but explained that it is now common practice amongst newspapers and is essential to the pride of England because terrorists.