BFNN is delighted to announce the appointment of Rebekah Brooks as our new Editor-in-chief.

Brook’s will be taking over the reins from current editor-in-chief Geoff Jefferson, who sensationally announced his retirement yesterday morning, with immediate effect.

Brooks, who sprung to prominence during the infamous News of the World telephone hacking scandal of 2011, is said to be “thoroughly delighted” with her new role.

The former News of the World chief executive was cleared of all criminal charges relating to the scandal after a jury at the Old Bailey found her innocent through incompetence. We’re hoping she can bring some of this incompetence to her new role.

Here at BFNN, we took to the streets to find out what our readers think of our latest recruit, “What’s a BFNN?” asked Jemimah from Doncaster. “Isn’t that one of those weird French biscuits with a smiley face on top and chocolate in middle? I don’t really like them me, I’m more of a Digestive or Hobnob man.”

According to Michael from Middlesbrough, Brooks will be “good, but not dead good” at her new job.

“I like her because she’s a northerner,” he told us. “But I hate her because she married that Ross Kemp fella. You have to question the judgment of anyone who would kiss that lad’s face, he looks like a mix between an egg, a slapped arse and a lump of dough so, for me, the jury’s definitely still out on this one.”

In related news, Piers Morgan has come under harsh criticism after he “popped a boner” live on television while he was told of Brooks’ appointment during this morning’s episode of Good Morning Britain.