A currently un-named male escort has spoken of his embarrassment after reports that he had sex with Labour MP Keith Vaz.

Vaz, who is Britain’s longest-serving Asian MP, spoke of his disgust at allegations made by The Daily Mirror that he would often pay visits to male prostitutes.

However, the focus for contrition has fallen on one of the escorts who has told his family of the “deep remorse” he feels after being caught red-handed in compromising positions with Vaz.

“We shall try to forgive him but right now it’s hard”, said a member of the escort’s family. “It’s not every day you find out someone in your family is sleeping with, not just an MP but a Labour one. And not even Corbyn or someone interesting so it’s just a lot to take in straight away”.

We were unable to reach the escort under scrutiny for comment after suspicions that he has gone underground, but a source close to him has suggested that he takes a break from his work, as those in the industry who bring themselves into disrepute by such a heinous act often find themselves shunned.