This is the news that opinionated comic Ricky Gervais – famous for being the man who introduced the Karl Pilkington Disease – has managed to go a whole 10 hours without once mentioning animal welfare on Twitter.

Concerned followers were quick to point out to Gervais that his feed that day had been devoid of the usual Moroccan chicken fighting rings and the Burmese koala hurling championships, saying:

“Hey Ricky are you alright mate? Just wondering cos I haven’t seen a battered dog photo come from you for a while. Maybe you’re on holiday or something”

Since being bitten by a radioactive do-gooder back in 2013, The Office star has not missed one day’s chance to provide consistent reassurance that animals continue to be treated poorly.

However, on Tuesday, the Twittersphere found itself at a loss when it realised it just didn’t know if animals were still being mistreated, since their guru appeared to have fled his plinth. One anxious user reported:

“Without Gervais’ constant updates about the unfair treatment of animals I was unsure whether to still be worried about them or not. I didn’t know if he had stopped tweeting cos things had got better”.

Animal rights’ charities such as the RSPCA noted a huge downward turn in donations and sign-ups around PM on Tuesday, reportedly due to the refusal to believe that animals now needed any hospitality whatsoever. A spokesman for the organisation told us the importance of having Gervais as a figurehead:

“It’s always good to have a slightly edgy, opinionated comic at the heart of your campaigns. He’s a very honest bloke but he’ll retweet things without checking. We once sent him a picture a picture of Bambi’s mum dying and we got a 500% rise in donations just that day”