Employees of the Chichester branch of Cash Converters were bemused to discover that they had the one ring amongst their inventory.

The discovery of it came as quite a surprise when an employee observed strange markings on one of the rings in the jewellery section. The confused employee commented that: “It’s not the sort of thing you expect to find when you come into work; this seems much more up cash for gold’s street.”

Following the discovery of the ring, police have reported a series of hate crimes involving black cloaked men chasing vertically challenged members of the community on horseback whilst brandishing swords.

Local residents are concerned that the inflow of ring wraiths could potentially bring down property values in the area. Ian McKellen has also been spotted running around town heading in the direction of Cash Converters, whilst brandishing what witnesses have described as ‘a bloody great stick’.

It is understood that since the ring’s discovery, cash converters received an offer of an undisclosed sum. However, it has been revealed that the buyer, Mr Sauron, had several offshore accounts linked to Mordor.

Cash Converters ultimately refused the offer, likely due to the P.R disaster that would ensue if they could be linked to the destruction of humanity.