An online poll by fashion giants Vogue has voted the Romanian attire the trendiest look going in the UK.

Known formally as ‘Balkan Chic’, the characteristic Romanian dress wowed voters from across the globe in this year’s online fashion competition. Characterised by matching tracksuit top and bottoms, often with garish, fluorescent piping, the Balkan Chic style has become an increasingly popular sight on “most hipster” high streets.

Although critics argue this is just due to the large influx of migrant Romanians moving to Britain, there is no debating that this sexy-yet-comfortable style has brought a certain level of elegance and class to many undesirable areas.

The annual Vogue competition has been running since 1957, whereby fashion designers and clothes enthusiast alike decide on the must-have look of the year. Vogue is one of the world’s best-selling fashion magazines, helping perpetuate insecurity and image anxiety in young women for the best part of a century. Balkan Chic received over 57-thousand votes to claim its distinguished crown, successfully staving off competition from the likes of the Summer Collection by George, and the V-neck and topknot combo, as worn by pretentious pricks up and down the country.

Retailers are bracing themselves for a rapid surge in demand, as impressionable cretins rush to obtain this season’s in-look.  Trendy high-street boutique Sports Direct have reported record sales of untasteful sportswear, prompting the need to hire in additional underpaid work drones.

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