Ross Kemp has met some of the world’s meanest men. From armed gang members in South Africa’s ferocious Numbers Gang, to a very drunk Phil Mitchell in Albert Square, Walford. Now the former actor-turned hard man aims to go one step further, as he meets one of the Premier Leagues most revered Strikers, Jamie Vardy.

Violence, drugs and extortion. Three things that the Premier League striker is said to have mastered while playing Grand Theft Auto. Currently suspended from his team for shouting in another man’s face, Jamie Vardy is set to come face-to-face with Kemp in his new, daring series, Britain’s Toughest Footballers.

Set to air on ITV next month, the first (and possibly last) episode will see Ross Kemp pit his wits against the monstrous 5 foot 10 inch Leicester City forward. Born and raised in the ghettos of Sheffield, Vardy made his name by being as fast as a cheetah on speed, yet as strong as three Emile Heskies. As cunning as a clever person, yet as nimble as nougat. A man so hard and tenacious, that he’s had a flavour of crisp named after him. Has Rossy met his match? Find out next month.