Professional porker Russell Brand has once again caused tension after he called the family of Andrew Sachs this morning to pay his respects, and almost managed his way through the entire conversation without mentioning having nailed the dead guy’s granddaughter.

Comedy legend, Sachs (most famous for playing lovable, dumb-founded waiter Manuel in Fawlty Towers), sadly passed away yesterday after a long battle with dementia.

Many celebrities took to social media to pay respects of their own, but Brand decided he would re-open old wounds by calling the family directly.

Randy Russell caused controversy in 2008 when him and Jonathan “Wossy” Woss played an ill-advised prank on elderly Sachs by calling him to say sorry for shagging his maiden granddaughter.

The series of hoax calls by-passed funny and veered somewhere into dangerously offensive and became the third most complained about event in recorded history; after the Nazis and Kinga becoming vaginally-acquainted with a wine bottle on Big Brother.

Nevertheless, the Sachs’ were appreciative of Brand’s call of courtesy, and even more so that he hadn’t been inside any more of their family.

We managed to reach Brand for comment who told us: “it was just a laugh at the time and I couldn’t see why it got so out of hand”.

All we at BFNN know is that the world will be a poor place now Manuel has finally gone back to Barcelona.