A second Brexit vote held after a cold winter snap clears out most of Britain’s old folk could mean a vote for remain, a source has indicated.

The undisclosed informant indicated that grumbling remain ministers have struck a way to wriggle off the EU-breaking fish hook like Rolf Harris off a school girl, and that way is to simply wait till Leave voters (mostly pensioners) freeze to death in inadequately heated abodes.

Some have labelled the government’s plan to derail Brexit as “monstrous” but others are relieved at not having to queue in the post office.

There is no clear plan to reschedule the referendum  but it is believed that it is likely to be early March, to give enough time for disgruntled, anti-EU voters to be safely in the ground.

Our source had this to say:

“We see it as the only sure way to keep us reaping the benefits of EU membership. We believe that without this certain demographic we’ll definitely secure the vote that all 48% of us were hoping for”.

In readiness to snuff out the lights of Britain’s remaining fogies, Prime Minister Theresa May has pushed for gas providers to bump up their prices beyond the reach of their insufficient pensions.

Plans are in their infancy at the moment but should they come to fruition, the next EU Referendum can certainly be expected in the new year.