The World Health Organisation have today released a study that confirms going to see your mate’s shitty unsigned band excuses you from eating one of your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables.

“Kiwi fruits and carrots and stuff are all horrible” said a spokesperson

“But going to see your mate’s godawful band is worse. We can’t really expect people to eat all that boring healthy food AND stand awkwardly through a full half hour set of their friend trying to be Reading’s answer to the Foo Fighters”

Studies have shown that seeing your mate’s crappy band more than once in a month also gives you the equivalent “doing a good deed” karma of helping three old ladies across the road.

“An average peeled orange gives 30 milligrams of Vitamin C” say 5-a-day experts “but smiling politely while your mate slaps out a 20 minute bass guitar solo and then says the song was called “Jenny” after his old housemate gives you 50 milligrams of Vitamin Cringe which is proven to better improve hair follicles and general wellbeing.”

-Samuel Thurston