Shockwaves were felt across the internet today as a twenty-six year old man from Bristol made the audacious decision to deactivate his facebook account. But that’s not all, not only did he deactivate his account, he did so without announcing it in a lengthy facebook paragraph.

Friends and family were stunned when one day his account was there, then the next, poof, gone. A course close to the man said:

“We couldn’t believe it, we just didn’t know what to think, and we are so annoyed. It’s not the deletion that annoyed us all; it was the complete lack of all facebook protocol and etiquette. We all know how someone is supposed to delete their facebook, you know like this…

Poster status: I’ve decided to delete my facebook account

Friend A: OMG why?

Friend B: What happened?

Friends C: U ok hun?

Poster: Just sick of all the drama!

Friend A: Ignore them, you do you

Friend D: ☹

Friend B: inbox me babes
And so on and so forth for about three hours, after which the account may or may not end up getting deactivated. It’s just good manners. Deactivating without all the pomp and ceremony is just plain rude.”

As we enter February we start to move into “Facebook deletion season”, otherwise known as Lent. Where self-righteous do-gooder Christian types give up Facebook after a long rant about why they are giving up facebook followed by the same reposting of boring cat videos six weeks later.

– Simon James