Grime legend and proud Londoner, Skepta, has announced his intention to run for Mayor of London later on this year.

When asked which party he’d be representing he shouted “Boy Better Know!” into the microphone before sharing some whispers with his advisor and re-answering “Independent, fam. Like my records.”

For grime fans, this helps explain why his long overdue album, Konnichiwa, is named so. “I want to make London a city which successfully balances the preservation its strong history and culture while putting itself at the forefront of innovation and technology, like Japan, innit.”

One reporter questioned the legitimacy of his campaign, to which Skepta responded “I’ve got friends in all different ends and all sorts of mandem sing my tunes. Just because I’m not a serious politician doesn’t mean you should rule me out. If Boris Johnson can do it, so can I.”