The popular media-sharing app Snapchat has begun selling pictures of problem penises, it has been discovered.

The new initiative, launched with the new update, allows users to forward unwanted dick picks from persistent, penis-pushing contacts straight to Snapchat admin. The pictures may then be sold on to third party companies, along with the contact details of the willy’s original owner.

The scheme has been launched to deter overly body confident young males from bombarding their contacts with unwanted snaps of their genitalia. The sale of these pictures will also help increase the company’s revenue, in what is being described as the first ‘voyeuristic venture’ by a company on the stock market.

With an estimated 7 million schlong snaps sent every day, many female users have voiced their frustration at the increasing obscenity of snapchats they have been receiving. We spoke to one user, Jesspooge69, who endured months of vicious nob-based abuse. Jesspooge69 wished to remain anonymous.

‘I’ve had to delete Snapchat like three times because I was getting about 40 cock-pics an hour at one point. At first it was just random guys off Tinder, but then my guy-mates, and even my dad started sending me them’.

With the new function, if you get caught unaware by a cheeky choad or a bothersome boner, you can now just press the guillotine icon in the top-right hand corner, and the picture will be passed on to Snapchat to be auctioned off.

It is yet to be seen whether this new feature will help reduce the volume of todger traffic, but the move is certainly a step forward for bringing us all a brighter, phallus-free future.