There have been reports of both surprise and dismay at travel operators, as hordes of adolescents plan to travel to the war-torn African nation Somalia for their yearly dose of sun, sea and scurvy.

It is not yet known whether the young travellers genuinely intended to visit the terrorist-infested slums of Somalia, or whether the Geography-shy youths have mistaken Mogadishu for its Grecian counterpart Malia, but it looks likely that the East-African state will be this summer’s hottest destination. Quite literally, seeing as the country is situated on the equator.

However, The Somalian Tourism Information society (STIs) was adamant that the country can easily compete with other well-known clubbing resorts. Mogadishu’s vast, beachy shoreline boasts a wealth of exciting water-sports that can raise your adrenaline levels, such as diving, banana-boats, pirating and smuggling.

The fine local cuisine, consisting of predominantly fish and rice, goes perfectly with the locally-stolen rum, although alcohol-consumption is currently forbidden in the strict-Muslim country. In addition, with mugging and gun-crime rates at an all-time average, and rape and disease cases on par with that of Malia, now is a  perfect time to visit the Pirate Paradise.

bfnn compiled some of the best Trip Advisor reviews from those revellers who were fortunate enough to return from the country last year:

“The al-shabaab was amazing, it was much spicier than your average doner kebab” Trip Advisor user IanInfadel42.

“Everyone goes out and gets slaughtered there – it’s well dank”  Trip Advisor user CaptainFillipsdead.

‘’The boat party was my favourite. We were blind-folded, played sex-games, and then pushed into the sea. Although it was annoying when the boat didn’t come back’’. Trip Advisor SexySadiq69.