In 2003, the stereotypical boyhood crush on neighbourhood MILF – a story as old as the mothers themselves – was brought to the top of the Billboard Chart by Fountains of Wayne.

But it seems the crush wasn’t as innocent as its plippy-ploppy music made it out to be as, 13 years later, Stacy’s Mom (whose real name can’t be revealed for legal reasons) has been brought before the federal court to answer charges that she groomed the then 13 year old.

The now 25 year old, known as “Shane” told the jury in the first hearing how he was enraptured by the neighbourhood sex symbol and how she really “had it going on”. He went on to say he’d “waited for so long” for her to come into his life and how she was “all he ever wanted”.

“Shane” also told the court how he was bribed into mowing his neighbour Stacy’s lawn for free, just to catch a glimpse of her hot mum’s sweet figure. He told how she “came out with just a towel on” and the sight meant he inadvertently steered the power mower into an expensive bird house causing damage. No charges were pressed by the Mom Family.

Stacy herself provided evidence to say she caught “Shane” in a “compromising situation” in the bathroom after her mom held an impromptu strip tease in the sprinklers in her garden.

The court is yet to hear evidence from the accused but it is believed the breakdown of her marriage may have led to her cougar-like tendencies, with “Shane” believing she could “use a guy like me”.