The Property

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Generally, with rental property, the house has been tidied immaculately in anticipation for it being offered on the market, while this house is tidy, there is evidence of ‘stuff’ cluttered all across the room which infers that you will be living in someone else’s home. First rule of renting out a room is making the home look welcoming.  The owners of this one thought themselves exempt from that rule by leaving personal effects strewn across the front room.


Does it get any better? Not really, let’s see; grainy, lo-fi pictures? Check. Lighting that gives the wall a jaundice-yellow hue? Oh yeah, it’s got all the hallmarks of somewhere you don’t want to live, right down to the microwave and fridge in the bedroom. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard that correctly, but the question remains, why would you have a microwave and fridge in the bedroom? Nothing screams you’re not welcome like having to store and cook all your food in your bedroom.

Why are the curtains closed in each room? What is outside? Are there bars on the windows? Has someone smashed their windows? Food for thought which I hope will be answered.

The Owner


Quick disclaimer, that isn’t a pic of the owner, but I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person from how they write and describe things. Alongside randomly capitalised words, the first thing that strikes me as odd is the fact that the owner doesn’t actually tell you where the place is, but rather describes where it is near. I don’t know about you but I don’t think that’s how it works, for instance, the PM doesn’t live near Westminster, they live on Downing Street. Ignoring the lack of spacing between sentences and occasional spelling error, the phrase: ‘Tanent from any country will be acceptable’ is funny, why wouldn’t they be? Still, no explanation for the microwave or curtain.

The Area

Newham isn’t a bad area to be honest. Even a google search doesn’t yield anything regarding much in the way of murder and violence. But the curtains are still drawn.

If you are not deterred, feel free to check out the listing on Gumtree.