Good musical satire is rare: rarer than a politician with a clean moral conscience, The Smiths parody cover band The Iain Duncan Smiths are hilarious but glibly on-point. 

The musical foursome rework Smiths classics into satirical polemics attacking the Department for Work and Pensions, the Tory government and IDS himself. Think punny plays on Smiths songs, like: “Girlfriend In A Coma (She’s Fit For Work)”.

Listen. Learn. Love.


1. “This Balanced Plan”
2. “How Soon is NWO?”
3. “Heaven Knows You’re Miserable Now”
4. “Big South Strikes Again”
5. “There is a Light That Always Goes Out”
6. “The Boy Paralysed on One Side”
7. “What Difference Does It Make (If All Our Testimonies Are Fake)?”
8. “Still Ill (No Sick Pay)”
9. “Panic (Hang You Out to Dry)”
10. “Priti Patel Makes Graves”
11. “Girlfriend in a Coma (She’s Fit for Work)”
12. “Hand to Mouth”
13. “Ask (FOI Request Denied)”
14. “Reel Around the Bedroom Tax”
15. “Suffer Little Poor Children”