To compound his woes at being eliminated in the Men’s Diving yesterday, Tom Daley has also fallen short of a medal at the Olympic Men’s Pearl Diving.

Openly gay Daley allegedly told his coach he was “too scared to go into the water” and revealed he hasn’t been able to stomach the thought of diving since he was 14.

“My family have always been very encouraging to me with my diving”, said Daley. “I know they would have loved me to be a great pearl diver but it’s just not in my nature”.

Daley’s failure as a competent pearl diver is sure to disappoint his female fans, a large percentage of whom have been secretly longing for him to ingratiate the sport.

Coach of the airbrushed pipsqueak explained how pearl diving requires a different kind of discipline to the usual falling into water

“When you pearl dive you have to be focused and dedicated, much like ordinary diving, but you also have to be able to put up with potentially hostile surroundings and overcome any obstacles”.

Notable champion pearl diver Clare Balding is reported to have comforted Daley on his disappointment shortly after the event.