Tony Blackburn, veteran disk jockey and radio star from the ‘I’ve forgotten a complete 10 year span’ 70s has left the BBC to start his own radio station. 

Tony said ‘we came to a disagreement over the handling of the Savile inquiry. They wanted me to say something I didn’t agree with, and to be honest, this whole thing has got me thinking that I want to go back to the good old days of radio, where it was just normal to have 15 year old girls around.’

His fans will remember him best for his Pick of the Pops series, where he accurately remembers the chart position of a single song in any given year, but can’t remember a meeting with two high ranking BBC executives.

It is not known if any one will join Mr Blackburn, as everyone he started with on the radio in the 70s is now either dead or in jail.

It is thought that his new radio station will find it difficult to fill the 12 slot, as most of the people who used to do that are still being questioned by Operation Yewtree.