Being a feminist is cool these days, here at BFNN we are all about that empowering women. We love red hot feminists. Here are our top six sexy feminists.

Hermione Granger


I’d objectify THAT all day every day. Hermione Granger is one fit mud-blood that absolutely HATES being objectified!

The Suffragettes


These birds DESPISED the idea that men wouldn’t see them as equal, and that’s what makes them so hot. Those protest signs get me hot under the collar. I’d give them the vote.



It was nice of the Conservatives to let Maggie run the country, but let’s face it, everyone just wanted to get in her pants!

Germaine Greer

This foxy elder stateswoman of feminism would GET IT. End of.

Simone de Beauvoir


French philosopher and all round BABE Simone de Beauvoir might have criticized the patriarchy but I’d love to take her clothes off.

Your Mum


You just would that wouldn’t you.