Summer has finally arrived, with temperatures rising to a sweltering 34C this week.

Concerns have been raised and a health warning put in to place as high streets across the country have been swarmed with topless men in the last 48 hours.

Many shoppers appeared to be unaware of the sudden rise in temperature and if it weren’t for city delinquents removing articles of clothing, they wouldn’t have realised how hot it actually was.

The Met Office advised “we were made aware of the soaring temperatures by the sudden appearance of partially clothed chavs in many town centres across the country. As soon as they started to remove their t-shirts, we made sure PHE released a weather warning”.

People are being urged to keep their clothes on and to stop bearing their tribal arm tattoos due to health concerns and for the sake of the public. A similar warning has been issued to ask horizontally-blessed individuals to please dress their size, despite the scorching heat, after several complaints of “snooker balls stuffed into a bag” walking around town centres.