Theresa May has pledged to bring back leaded fuel to forecourts should the Tories win the general election next month.

Speaking in Gloucester as part of the Conservative election campaign, the Prime Minster vowed to reintroduce leaded petrol should her party remain in government. “As part of my plan to build a stronger and more stable Britain, we pledge to give motorists the choice to use leaded fuel should they wish. Leaded fuel was the lifeblood of our transport system in days of old, and we see it as a key issue in anglicising our roads after ridiculous European legislation prohibited its use”.

Leaded ‘four-star’ petrol was withdrawn from sale in 2000, after being found to adversely affect the human  nervous system, kidney function, immune system, reproductive and developmental systems and the cardiovascular system, but it is thought by many Conservative MP’s that concerns over human health and environmental pollution should not prohibit the country’s economic viability.

Fellow Conservative Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North-East Somerset, has supported the pledge by claiming that “vehicular pollution rarely blighted members of the rural constituencies anyway,” while writing in his weekly article in the NFU newsletter.

This announcement comes as part of an over-arching manifesto pledge to make the UK a global leader in poor air quality.