The Conservative government have unveiled proposals for a nationwide cull of travellers, tinkers and thieves, starting as early as this September.

The controversial new bill follows on from the highly successful badger cull, in which the £72 million government project successfully killed 67 bothersome badgers. This new proposal cites travellers as a ‘blight on the countryside’, and that gypsies are ‘partly if not wholly responsible for the spread of bad-manners and poor-English’, thus an urgent reduction in traveller numbers is necessary for preserving the wellbeing of country-folk.

Greg Clark, Minister for Communities and Local Government, is set to announce the plans to MPs next week in parliament, with a view to commence culling as early as September this year. Mr Clark was keen to quell any critics to the proposal, with assurances that gypsies would only be caught and euthanized using the most-humane methods possible. He went on to add that the cull would have negligible effect of fairground and tarmacking industries.

BFNN spoke to Britain’s most famous traveller, boxer Tyson Fury, about his views on the government proposals.

‘Fucken disgraceful. I don’t understand why David Cameron feels the need to persecute the travelling community. We are merely peaceful, quiet folk that seek a life removed from the corruption and corporate greed of the cities. If anyone tries to cull me, I fucken kill them’.

Opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn, who is a lifetime member of the Caravan Club, also condemned the cull, brandishing it ‘mean, barbaric and very silly’, and will be urging his MPs to reject the bill in parliament next week.