Donald Trump, Republican party hopeful and talking toupée has announced that he could have stopped the Holocaust, had he been President at the time. 

He mentioned the comment after a question about gun control and people protecting themselves during times of conflict. Going on further to say he could have “nailed” Eva Braun.

‘Let me tell you right, Hitler, great guy, bit misguided and an underachiever. Someone could have talked him round, because he was just wrong on so many things. If we had a president like me, not some one like Obama, we could have bought him to the table, had a man to man, business to business conversation and avoided the Holocaust altogether.

Trump’s opponents were disgusted at the comments, with Ted Cruz, another republican candidate for the nomination saying:

‘Now Donald Trump is a time traveller, saying he could have averted the Holocaust if he were president, that’s just not true, every one knows you can’t travel through time’.