Republican Presidential candidate and all-round psychotic twatchops, Donald Trump, may have landed himself in hot water with his wife Michellanie Trumpobama after claims that he has plagiarised the entire life of Back to the Future villain, Biff Tannen.

In the BTTF film series, Biff is the disgruntled, middle-aged nemesis of protoganist Marty McFly’s father George, whose life is far removed from that of a lavish billionaire’s.

Until┬áthe second film of the trilogy, where an alteration in the timeline, finds Biff his fortune and he enjoys life as an exceptionally minted playboy. In this skewed timeline, Biff plays at being mayor for the local town, indulging in bribery, extortion, coercion and violence, fronted by multi-million dollar corporation “Biff Co.”

The franchise ended shortly before the proposed fourth film, where Biff builds a fence around Mexico and single-handedly throws every single US copy of the Qu’Ran out of a plane into Canada.

Off the back of his wife’s word-for-word recital of a Michelle Obama speech, Donald has come under fire for the claims that he has been impersonating the life of an entirely fictional despot without paying due credit or fees.

“I want everybody to know that my reprehensibility and tragic face are totally and genetically my own, and I have not lifted these from any such film. Although it sounds like this guy Tannen had the right idea. And it is a good campaign slogan: Let’s get America Back to the Future!”

When we contacted Tannen for comment he refused interview for being compared to such an unruly and hateful tyrant.