In his first move as President, Donald Trump has announced this week he will be introducing an annual purge to the USA.

Known for his controversial comments and insulting views on anyone who isn’t him, Trump has declared that an annual purge will be initiated in a bid to cull America of all of the undesirables such as Mexican and Muslims.

“You can learn a lot from movies and this shows that an yearly purge would ensure a swift fall in crime rates and a guaranteed drop to 1% unemployment within 12 hours. We want to make America great again, white again. Just think of all the good the purge would do.”

Professional brown-noser and leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, praised Trump for his bold move and declared his support for the purge. He commented that he would encourage the little people of Britain to band together to “attack immigrant looking people”.

Whilst not due to solely be aimed at non-whites, concerns regarding the scheme have been raised by Trump’s election rival, Hilary Clinton.

Clinton has suggested that allowing all crime could put the elite in danger, which could be detrimental to her and her dishonest cronies.

Trump has assured the American public that he is in no way trying to recreate ‘The Purge: Election Year’, since his win, he sees no point in killing Hilary Clinton. He has however named former Republican congressman Mike Rogers as target number one.