Following the recent failed coup in Turkey, sending the country into utter turmoil, Nigel Farage called a press conference at his London home.

In his garden he had specially created a gameshow-like stage, with a large screen replaying videos of violence in Istanbul under a banner which reads “Here’s what you could’ve won.”

After much strutting around on stage, Farage finally addressed reporters telling them “Aren’t you glad we voted Brexit now? This could’ve been on our doorstop and what’s worse let into our homes with Turkey set to join the EU in years!”

He then had a red buzzer bought out before a brief Q&A. Questions mainly revolved around the invoking of Article 50 and what kind of deal the UK should expect to receive

However, when one journalist suggested that the EU was seeking to help stabilise before allowing it to join Farage pressed his big red buzzer and had him marched out.