Despite President-elect Trump touting Nigel Farage as new UK ambassador to the US, popular opinion has swung in favour of former X-factor contestant and “rapper” Honey G.

X Factor reject Honey G, real name Hudahel Cares, crashed out of the competition yesterday evening. The exit of the “rapper” caused quite the stir on social media, with many fans shocked and even more people shocked at how many of their friends still watch X Factor.

Since leaving the show, Honey G has become hot property and is now looking for the next step in her journey. With a new agent and manager she is looking for one of the top jobs in politics and international relations. Her manager told press today:

“Honey G would make a perfect ambassador to the US. She has the public’s support and she is the perfect mix of American culture, with British middle class quirkiness.”

When questioned about how unlikely the idea of Ambassador G sounds, her agent replied:

“It’s 2016, anything can happen. Trump, Brexit, Leicester City, Ed Balls is still on Strictly. It’s the year of the unlikely victory, so why can’t Honey G become UK ambassador to the US.”

I say Honey, you say G! Honey…..Go throw yourself in a lake!

– Simon James