Following the popularity of augmented reality game Pokemon Go, the UK Independence Party have jumped on the bandwagon with a new app that allows users to track down, hunt and catch immigrants.

Players of the game are able to track down real immigrants and throw little red and white rocks at the using their phones, which earns them points. The points can then be used to buy things like giant England flags or flaming torches. The app works in real time and alerts UK Boarder Control whenever an immigrant is caught.

With no official register it may be hard to determine who is and isn’t and immigrant, but game developer Bigel Barage has thought of everything.

“Oh it’s quite easy really. You find anyone who doesn’t have white skin, or doesn’t have one of our pre-approved surnames, like Johnson, Gove or Hunt. You throw something at them, and Bob’s your uncle, we send them home.”

Immigrants are given cute names within the game to make it more fun for the kids. Players can hunt characters like; Rapeazoid, Isisissistan, Overcrowdedazard, Drainonthenhsly, and Benefitcheatachu .

Once they have reached a high enough level players can join one of 3 teams, Team EDL, Team Britain First or Team Not-everyone-who-voted-leave-is-a-racist-you-know!

It is also possible to make the immigrants fight against each other, so long as it’s not taking work away from hard fighting Brits.

Despite the launch only a few days ago, the app has been extremely popular with old people, and people from rough estates in the North.

Have fun everyone, and remember “Gotta catch and deport um all”