Following UKIP leader Diane James stepping down after a rollercoaster 18 days as leader, an unexpected outsider in the party in the shape of one Nigel Farage has stepped up as party leader.

Farage, an MEP for South East England, is largely unknown to those outside of UKIP, but party members are certain he’s the man for the job. Ian Daniels, a UKIP member from Manchester, is one such person.

“Jeremy Corbyn emerged from the Labour backbenches and was victorious against three much more high profile contenders. We believe Nigel can do the same for UKIP. He’s an unknown and isn’t what people tend to think of when they hear the name UKIP, but he has that underdog appeal that people in this country seem to like”.

Steve Gates, another UKIP member, is equally enthusiastic:

“Yes there are more well known people for the job, but we have to be honest with ourselves. Steven Woolfe is a bit of an arse and Douglas Carswell is kinda funny looking. Farage on the other hand has that gentle charm that seems to work on the voters these days”.

Farage himself was unavailable to comment, apparently too busy celebrating his unexpected rise to leadership at his local Wetherspoons, but has reportedly claimed this is a victory for UKIP and a victory for Britain. And while the party may well be celebrating, the rest of the country seems to have lost interest in UKIP, with one commentator saying:

“Becoming leader of UKIP after the Brexit vote is like when Karl Dönitz became leader of Germany after Hitler’s death; pointless and irrelevant. Not that we’re making any parallels or anything.”