Now 18 years old, the Vengabus is being put through its paces touring the UK, campaigning for a vote to remain.

Having previously been used to bring the party to such hotspots as New York and San Francisco, by the Dutch Eurodance outfit Vengaboys, it’s now visiting the more relaxed locations of York and St Albans.

Veteran Disc jockey and resident at Doncaster Working Man’s club, DJ Steve of DJ Steve’s Mobile Disco, Karaoke and Stonemasonary, came up with the idea and has spent the past few weeks driving it around.

“It just makes sense,” he explained to reporters, “What better way to remind the British of why we love Europe than with a bus load of Classic Europop! After all, it’ll be a lot harder to go to Ibiza if we leave!”

Leave campaigners, such as DJ Mike of DJ Mike’s Mobile Disco, Pub Quizzes and Dog Wash, have rubbished the idea. “Ibiza rely on British party boys and girls. There’s no way they’d stop us coming over as they need us more than we need them.

When asked if the campaign was helping to engage young voters DJ Steve admitted “there isn’t really a demographic for Eurodance anymore, I do spend a lot of my time being asked to leave various Supermarket carparks.”