A video surfaced today seeming to show a long range rocket capable of leaving Earths Atmosphere, launching within North Korea.

The video was discovered by neighboring China as part of a news broadcast from Pyongyang.

The televised broadcast came with this news report, translated by Chinese news organisation CFNN.

“Today is a most glorious and memorable day in the history of Korea. Our great leader Kim Jong Un has launched the first rocket capable of leaving earth and flying through the stars. The rocket was designed and built by His Excellency himself, using only bountiful resources from our great nation, along with his own sweat and tears.

The rocket is capable of carrying a warhead large enough to destroy all of our pig-dog enemies in America, Japan and B-team Korea in one beautiful explosion. Our scientists are sure that with this new most wonderful rocket, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea will be the first ever nation in world history to place a man on the moon by 2017.

There is only speculation at this point as to which fully qualified and trained astronaut will be chosen to go to the moon, but our hopes and prayers are that the most kind and compassionate Kim Jong Un himself will be chosen.”

In other news, there was another victory for the People’s Republic soccer team, who once again beat Manchester United 18-0 to win the World Cup for Korea for the 17th year running.

All hail Democracy, all hail Kim Jong Un