This is the news that the fairer sex’s inspiring anti-Trump march has left household chores ignored and their loving husbands bewildered.

In response to the inauguration of President Trump, whose most famous achievement to date was his portrayal of Biff Tannen in the Back to the Future series, many firm-titled babes did their best for women everywhere by marching with signs through Washington expressing their disgust at the newly-appointed POTUS.

However, whilst women were marching their possibly unshaven legs out of oppression, nobody stopped to think about the mountains of dishes piling up, even now, in their abandoned kitchens.

We caught up with baffled hubbies and boyfriends who conveyed their dismay that the to-do list doesn’t seem to be disappearing.

“I hate Trump as much as the next guy but the kitchen’s a fucking disgrace”, said Mouthbreather412. “If Sandra is going to be out in the streets walking around with a placard till 11pm then she’ll be too tired to come home and deal with the dishes”

With it being just day 2 of President Guff’s reign, the feminist protests are set to go on for weeks, leading to forgotten male partners panic buying dishwashers in a bid to stave off the tides of crockery.

The right not to be grabbed by the pussy is certainly an important liberty to be enjoyed by American women, but with tragic consequences clearly in effect, is now the right time to be asserting equality?