Online sympathy givers have explained the cold silence that greeted social media this week after a serious suicide attack left over 70 people dead.

But despite the heavy death toll, it seemed not a single Facebook profile picture had been changed to include the Pakistan flag in a show of support.

Social media has been known to extend its collective middle finger toward international terrorism in recent months by allowing gullible bandwagon hoppers to temporarily change their profile picture to “support” a country that had fell victim to a serious attack.

All of which begged the question – where was this show of support for Pakistan in its hour of need? Surely it would be selfish and ignorant to only stand by western countries that had been attacked?

But it appears the answer is a lot more benign, with many keyboarders explaining they simply didn’t know the Pakistan flag so couldn’t Google it for an image.

One dullhead, Matt Barker of Cleethorpes said “I didn’t know Pakistan even had a flag let alone what it looked like. I’m upset I didn’t get to show them guys I like them by showing them my new picture. Maybe next time some shit kicks off there I can be on the ball”.