Prison Break actor Wentworth Miller has consulted his elaborate full body tattoo to aid in his escape from a prison of shame at the hands of internet bullies The LAD Bible.

Toxic entertainment brand The LAD Bible decided to shame Wentworth Miller from their facebook page “liked” by over 11 million teenage boys. As soon as Mr Miller realised he was a the victim of fat-shaming, he consulted a full-body tattoo he had months prior to aid with his escape.

Mr Miller’s tattoo is believed to cryptically disguise a detailed map of social justice, full schematics of facebook’s logout feature, and an overview of roadblocks he may face including tweets from opportunistic journalists and haters alike.


This article is intended for comedic purposes, but the reason behind Wentworth Miller’s weight gain is not. On his facebook page he has spoke out against the stigma surrounding mental health, and provided this list of sites to visit for anyone struggling with mental illness.