Anti-gay/pro-picketing funerals of innocent dead people – the Westboro Baptist Church have today spoken out about their confusion as to which God sent the Orlando shooter.

A-grade fucknut, Omar Marteen, the gunman responsible for 53 murders and numerous other woundings, pledged allegiance to radical Islamic terrorism, but the group in the know – backwards radical Christians -suspect there is more to the story than meets the eye.

A spokesperson for the well-thought out religious group told our reporter, “Well clearly God hates queers and there’s only one God, which means that he definitely sent the shooter. However, God also hates the browns and would never use one of those demons to do his work. It’s all got a bit confusing. To be quite honest, in my darkest moments I worry that God might just be churning any old shit out.

The Westboro Baptist Church are renowned for their controversial stance on everything that might give them a funny feeling in their tummies, including Jews, homosexuals, nine year old murder victims, Michael Jackson, Swedish vacuum cleaners, Muslims, iPhones, marathon runners, marines, Spock, children with brain tumours and ungrateful Chinese.

Smarmy Millhouse Van Houten knock off, Louis Theroux, spent a week with the “Church” and proclaimed them ‘nuttier than the KKK run by the Amish’. He experienced a large number of inflammatory remarks: including “God Hates Fags” and “We’re just fucking repressed, OK”.